Three Things in Life #39

39. Three most important attributes of a spouse for life

  1. loving
  2. respectful
  3. faithful

It is truly a blessing if our partner in life has the attributes that will send us to heaven of heavens. These attributes are being loving, respectful and faithful. It comes more naturally if both spouses are having the same characteristics. Because love begets love, respect begets respect and being faithful is the bedrock of a strong

partnership. Now let us dwell in the first attribute and that is loving. How sweet it is if we could continue to be loving even our hair is white and our skin is like a ripple in the river. See beauty passes away but love is eternal being loving is the manifestation of love. We could not be loving consistently if it is not part of your heart and character. For a long time couple they discovered that being loving is different from true love. But certainly true love should be loving. It is highly recommended being loving for our spouses and our family for this is the best way to continue the joy and harmony of relationship and a showcase of our gratitude to the loving God. We as servants or children of God must reflect the qualities of our Father in heaven. The best and most important institution created by the Lord here on earth is not family per se but marriage. For marriage is the foundation of family strength and wonderful existence. In being loving as a spouse it multiplies into joy and harmony, of peace and acceptance, of understanding and sense of pure belongingness. Indeed, it is the fertile ground of a successful citizens and Godly members of society. Through the attributes of these spouses such as being loving it covers everything we need to have in order to be and to do whatever dreams and goals a person or a child might undertake. Loving character is the strongest character. It does not look for mistake or complaint on misgivings or otherwise but rather it sews the holes and gaps like new and keep the whole thing full and complete. Loving couple is a blessing for the children. Blessed are those whose parents are genuinely loving. Loving means slow to anger and does look for faults as I said but rather it energizes, encourages and motivate to be the best we could ever be. For a spouse loving could also mean romantic. It is very important that romance continues even till the end of life because it enriches the relations to a new whole lever each level, each season and each time being all alone and private to each other. There is the ‘kilig’ factor which many times would have been long gone to a couple. The magic of living is in romance. Romance recreates the day when your first burst the passion of attraction and create a momentum that would never stop. The boson particle has no much to the explosion of romance because it is lasting than the boson particle. Love predates all creations. God is love and God is eternal, no beginning and no end. Loving could also mean being thoughtful. It is the little things of giving concern, remembering anniversaries, giving flowers and surprising with dates for your and your spouse alone could mean a world to your partner,

Being respectful must be maintained in a relation between husband and wife. There is no excuse for disrespect. There must be a careful exercise that whatever is hurtful should never find a place in your words or action. Respect is an effort to be always gentle and soft to your partner and it must be mutual. Love like this is so much a two-way street. A person who does only the things written here and not his or her spouse may continue doing but what a lonely journey it should have been if it were so. Through the years I learned to understand and throw my self-guarded principles or limits which are in fact but useless pride. Reaching out to your spouse in the spirit of honesty and dedication means that your are going to the right direction. Nothing is made perfect but indeed we could make our relationship with our spouses truly excellent. Acceptance of each other weaknesses is the greatest key towards a stronger alliance of love. TLC comes when both truly understands each other needs. Being well-mannered to your spouse is truly worth emulating. In fact tit must be stated that the first one we should give our good manners and right conduct it should be to our spouse. After all God did not create this institution for nothing. It is the microcosm of the Church of God. Strength comes from the strength of each spouse to serve the lord and worship in truth and spirit and create a kingdom that will last forever more. Do not worry, God will not give us a hard time He is there in every step of the way guiding us till we become as strong as the people of the Bible if we are willing.

Faithfulness must be found in the heart and soul of the spouse. Temptation comes when we battle against it is happened to so many couples who have been away for each other specially if the distance is overseas. Love makes your faithfulness strong and brave. The word of God covers your from all sins of the world. Focus on God’s loving kindness and loving commands will ensure the protection of your mind and soul from the temptation of the enemies of good and truth. Spouses must be ready to face all odds in order to cement relations and tempt proof from desire of the flesh and of worldliness. If we entertain it in our mind and your let the pangs of intense drive towards worldliness get the better of your faithfulness can never be a part of your relationship. Strongholds of sins are our particular weakness on certain sinful activities. Some people have weak threshold against illicit affairs due to his strong sex drive. Others are addiction driven due to vices that have gripped their lifestyle such as cocaine, cannabis, controlled and prohibited drugs etc. Draw near to God and God will draw near to your. In time God will cover your with holy thoughts and self-control and disappearance of evil desires because God will do this for your. So let us sincerely and contritely go near Him every time. He is a true living God. If we are faithful to God your will be faithful to your spouse, to your commitment. Let us remember these verses:

Most important attributes of spouses,

one is being romantic like red roses,

that’s loving her or him in all chances,

two is respectful, not to impress,

but it is to silently and strongly express,

your love and devotion to your mistress,

who is your spouse, be her or his fortress,

by being forever faithful with no misses, 


Author: Florentino Cruz

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