Three Things in Life #17

17. Three greatest attributes of a parent

  1. unconditional love
  2. source of comfort and understanding
  3. compassion

Photo on we should qualify parents, only those who are genuine. Sadly there are parents who are worse than beasts. So it is our stupendous

blessings from God to have good parents. And this is our topic, good parents. The attributes of a true parent is having unconditional love like the love of a father to a prodigal son in the bible. Like the love of the Lord for us when while we are in sin he has already saved us and gave us the salvation which otherwise is impossible for us to have. Be grateful if your parents require nothing from you but only good manners and right conduct and your obedience to do good in your studies and in life. And even without those requirements parents love their children anyway. We sometimes ignore the concern and love of our parents. Most says, it’s suffocating and irritating to hear a broken record repeating itself many times over. Chances are you need it big time. We should learn to give and show our appreciation by being thoughtful, loving, and obedient, respectful and prayerful for them. Blessed is the one who have been given genuine parents. Realized that you are so blessed for the love of the parents is a mirror of God’s love for us.

My father used to take us to movies, restaurants and to excursions long before my elementary days. He was a father to us. We went out without our mother because we were a big family we still have very young sister to take care of and so the whole family was not really good to bring with us to cinemas and things like that since babies cry like they don’t really care, in fact they never care about the world. We are nurtured in the ways they knew best. Until the day my father started getting more women in his life. We were fortunate because in spite of it all my mother stuck with my father. Maybe because she was left all alone without parents or brothers or sisters around her, she had one but was very far away. Her only sibling, a half-sister, sixteen years older migrated to America, the time when my father started to house the woman and another woman he fancied. And he has done it multiple times. We experienced poverty. And a roller coaster ride in emotion, food, necessities and the attention used to give us their children. There was violence, extreme violence and emotional threat by our own father. It was the worst of time of my life. I became very angry and filled with shame since the whole neighborhood saw the spectacle they did. My father dragged my mother along the street to the house. My mother was trying to escape from the vicious beating of my father Maybe I imbibed unknowingly the attitude of utter disregard on feeling of others especially women when I started having girlfriend relationships which I had many times over filled with dishonesty and double timing two girls or more at the same time. I started when I was in college and onward; until I found my Lord Jesus in truth and in spirit. It was rather the feeling of callousness to things about faithfulness, honesty and truthfulness. I believe we were blessed we were still a whole big family united. Thanks to both of them they found the common ground in amity and understanding, both have more love than anything else. My father sustained us continually but always it was not enough not only because the money was less but also my mother did not have the skills in budgeting. Warts and all they were able to stick it through without annulment of marriage or total separation. The effect was we are stronger because we still have our own family who accepted for who were and stood together primarily because of my mother’s decision not to abandon us her children. She was brought up with Christian values and thus saved us from having a total broken family. I thank both of them because they have taken care of us all through, the glue of it all were their both love for us their children. I knew they still love each other till forever. Both of them were drawn to the word of God and walk in His way today. Why did I share this? Because I believe that family must not only be together whenever everything is good sailing and when everyone is doing his or her role correctly and genuinely. Family through marriage of parents, entered into with their own volition must remember that what God has put together let no man put asunder. Marriage for me is sacred. It includes accepting everything good or bad. The fruit of marriage are children and the growth of love. That is what I believe now as a Practicing Christian. I saw their imperfection but I also felt their unconditional love for us, their children.

They are the source of your comfort, of confidence, of healing. They are better than any doctors, teachers, social workers and all the people of the world combined because they alone will love you purely and without hesitation and reservation they will give the best for you. They are angels in human forms. They are God’s greatest blessings. They give us the comfort of home for they are home not the house we go in and out. They are our home. For as long as you put them in your heart their words of love and wisdom, their memories you will have everything in your life. God, for others can be just anything even soil, fire or money. Some people, their god is themselves, some do not have any god. And most of them believe their god is the real one. Truth is shrouded in half-truth, myth, fanaticism and philosophical dissertation. But everyone knows that they were here on earth because of their parents. Love them and honor them regardless of what maybe are their circumstances with you.

I do not concern myself for those who would not accept these words from the Bible. My concerns are for those who listen with their heart and mind open. You may not believe God but you are ready to listen on what other believes in. That is good enough having an open mind character. The truth indeed is out there. Truth is for everyone – seek and you shall find it. Just as the truth that can be never denied, everyone must have parents. Cloning is the limit by which God will put a stop. I believe we should not tinker on human because he was created by His image.

Another attribute of a true parent is compassion – it is loving kindness that emanates from the deepest part of their heart and soul. It is the compassion that forgives you, that corrects you and guides you all the way to your adulthood. They have compassion that will overflow your world with sense of belonging and importance. The love of parents is only second to the love of God. Never forget them. Though I understand it might not be true to many but let me tell you mine:

Three greatest attributes of mom and dad,

one is their unconditional love. They are our true comfort, we feel glad,

like they’re our comfort bag, the fact –

they’d be the first one to understand,

even it’s impossible to do that,

by the rest of the world, and to add;

their compassion
is more than enough,

to feel I’m filled with luck.

If only the whole world would have,

these attributes from their mom and dad.

Final Words: Parents are the most important part of our lives. Not your wife or your children. Without them you are not here in this world. Definitely the one you suppose to give honor and respect. It is required in the commandments of God. You are promised to have longer life. if you truly honor your [parents in your heart and action.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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