Ultimate Twin for Guaranteed Success

There is a lot of unsuccessful stories not because there is a lack of knowledge or information rather it happened because of a lack of spirit of a positive and unrelenting mindset and attitude creating the big difference among and between people who succeed and people who failed.

It is not because of attitude and mental positivism but also the lack of skills to work SMART and not just Hard Work. People who work hard will be left behind in the dust by people who work real SMART.

What set apart the winners from losers are the visualization of objective, goals aims and dreams! There is a lack of sustained effort to maintain such visualization. Because of the following:

Lack of work ethics

Lacks of knowledge how to do it

Lacks of proper technique in sustaining it

And the lack of interest and passion to carry on with that single dream.

Lack of work ethics

In order to visualize clearly your dreams you should know exactly what is it you visualize: There must only one dream not two or three. If they were so, Do it one at a time! Why? The brain can only entertain one thing to make it very clearly in the vision. It is like giving focus to a tree not the whole panorama but the tree that bears fruit of knowledge of truth and wisdom. This tree is worth focusing than a thousand mountains at the background. The continuity of focus results into making it very clear in your mind therefore in all parts of your mind: conscious, unconscious and subconscious. The clearer the object (of your dream) the better you can capture the details of the object. What it is the more you appreciate, the more you become attracted until the fire of passion started to explode! Akin to putting your magnifying glass into complete focus to an object, creating smoke=OK and eventually fire. However, the difference is the fire from magnifying glass destroy the object, the fire of your passion delivers the dream into reality.

How to do it?

Know your dream

Specify your dream in details

Write it down, put it on your illustration board

Created a foliage of this dream

Find the address where it can be achieved

Know the route and the gadgets needed

Sharp your emotion each day by looking and reading and thinking of your dream

Sharpen your skills like driving in order to drive yourself to destination. Which mean how could you drive yourself towards the fulfillment of your dream, learn how to drive as much as you have to learn how to make a blog, within it you need website, SEO JaaXy, niche, and effective set of attitude and mindset – The ABC.s of what is within – A- Attitude, B – Beliefs, C – character, D –Discipline, E, energy, F – focus, G – grit, H health, I – integrity, J…

Never stop creating daily. I tell you, to succeed you go to work just like traditional employment we go to work daily. So in this endeavor we have to produce even more, this is your business this is much bigger that Job(Just above Broke) it is your gateway to financial freedom and freedom from whatever you want to do with your time!

Caveat emptor, Warning: Before you enjoy time and financial freedom you nee to be a slave of your own goals. There is 10x more work on your own online business than a 9-5 employment. Why? You cannot succeed doing mediocrity other wise all will be winners. Be a cut among the best and do what ever it takes to do the objective the dream you have already identified in details. Hard work and work Smart is a powerful combination.

Create a habit that will not be broken for 21 days and in return after 21 days just like driving you can use cruise control ad your reflexes becomes automatically correct not in error when you hit the accelerator pad when sudden surprise comes while being a learner. After a 21-day cycle your reflexes and your conscious effort becomes an ingrained part of discipline and mindset and you are already accustomed to the tasks imposed by the power of your dreams!

Do not ever stop whatever it takes to innovate, develop, progress and continually improve your performance based on established criteria.

Your blog yesterday should not be better than today. Your technical skills should be better today than yesterday, your self-discipline should be more automatic than a conscious effort. It becomes an embedded part of the daily tasks.

To be honest with yourself and to be truth truthful with what you really desire are important for the success of this general internal part that create all the results in your endeavor. You unrelenting focus, passion is part the ABC of the inside must be understood, practices and mastered it becomes an intrinsic part of who you are.

Remember dreams, desire and extreme wish to behold the thing you love to have in your hands create an energy as powerful as your first love as powerful as honeymoon and as powerful your desire to be with your most beloved f and only Love of your life and as powerful as the unconditional love to a child of a parent and the exercising unwavering faith on the beauty of your dreams.

Now let us make it simple:

These are the Ultimate Twin for Guaranteed Success

1. Master the Technical part of knowing how to create your dream

2. Master the Inside part in you to have the fuel and vehicle to do the creation of your dream

Do the sequences with a pinpointed, laser beam spotting the object of your desire all the way from dreaming to getting. No one succeed without failure. So if you fail today, you need yo learn the lesson from failure. Remember Failure is a lesson in disguise. The more mistakes the more lessons you learned, the more you become knowledgeable. Failure should not depress, or disappointed or frustrated you but rather it should inspire you because you know one thing what not to do in the direction of achieving your dear goals!. This is the only way to go.

Many of us do not need to understand it because their inner compass direct them to where they are going. Inner compass helps you to stick to the right road towards success. Without this compass you may work and work but in fact and sadly you are actually going further and further from your destinations just because you are going the wrong road. The reason is you do not have inner compass or your inner compass is failing you! (See https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/megawinner/blog/10-mistakes-to-avoid-by-online-businessmen-for-2020)

The twin that guarantees you to success are the sure component you need to master as a part of your being otherwise you are going to a lot of wasted time. Let me repeat

These are the Ultimate Twin for Guaranteed Success

1. Master the Technical part of knowing how to create your dream. These are the capability of creating your online business from website and every important part on your website and the ability to post consistently quality content which meant it is reliable, relevant, and remarkable.

Reliable means y gave due diligence to your sources of information and the sites are also reliable.

Relevant means it is useful and updated in today’s requirement and could be of advantage to anyone when they use, apply or buy your ideas or product.

Remarkable simply means something above and beyond the ordinary information. This could be done through synthesis of the research you have made producing a novel idea or information enlightening the readers far and above their expectations. You should not be afraid to put your input, your opinion that is your analysis and your stand on the subject or the product you are writing about.

The 3 R’s are important element of the Philosophy of Kaizen. Kaizen means continual improvement on a regular basis.

Overall the mastery of technical skills is another and the way you create your idea and goals is another. You MUST be different in a better way among the millions of bloggers out there. You do not be a great genius of everything. Just be the best in one niche.

2. Master the Inside part in you to have the fuel and vehicle to do the creation of your dream

This is simply the three part of our character: mindset, heart set, and attitude.

Mindset is the way we think. A man who is positive and has the ability to see opportunities in the grim situations are mindset of a great businessman. Mindset creates sequences of positive thoughts that produce positive results. You cannot have success if your mindset is defeatist, pessimistic and too cautious without rational thinking.


Heart set is the way we approach the feelings and the prevailing atmosphere day by day. The heat is the seat of emotion. We must guard our heart as well as our mind to sapped by the seemingly wise courses of action but the end is bankruptcy, tragedy and failure. The heart should be controlled by the mind. The more you keep your silence the more anger or coolness. Peace of mind they will give you. The heart dictates how you feel love or hatred, doom, or hope fear or courage, and peace or confusion. Obviously it helps greatly if you are in control of the two.

Attitude determines your altitude. Attitude is the expression of your mindset and heart set. We must be very truthful and honest to your improvement. Attitude determines the victor from the loser. These are very important to remember.

Lastly, All these would not be useful if we do not apply, internalize and create a new you in order to grab that dream you have been craving for

Author: Florentino Cruz

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