We Need to Know Our Course of Action


One thing I have learned in life before we start something we need to know our course of action. But of course, it should be! You might say. I have observed people are controlled by desire, whims, and compulsion by the powerful advertisement of so many junk foods and other over the top products, we have been influenced into buying things which are detrimental to our health and things we do not really require but only brought into buying by the thoughts of being up to date, better than the others mentality and the satisfaction of having the latest gadget or whatever, these are induced by advertisements here and there through the power of subliminal proddings. They are of course good feeling that doesn’t last long compared with learning how to invest our hard-earned income to an investment that keeps ROI at least double than what we have spent. Rather than buying unnecessary things that lost most of its original price from the moment you bought it. Now is the time to redefine our paradigm into how we manage our life.

The main thing to practice and embrace in this present extraordinary situation, they are:

Be simple. Live a simple life. Live minimally. The minimalist lifestyle is popularized by the Japanese. This is a way of living in the simplest, uncluttered way. No items that looked junks in our storeroom, indeed they are but junks without real utility value.

There are some points we need to remember for the rest of our lives when we have to do what we have to do, they are:

1. We need to think carefully.

When you wanted to do something. Relax for a while. Take a deep breath. Do not run and do what you want. Do not be compulsive. Do not go with the mainstream way of life. They are all fragile and bubble lifestyle. You are induced to acquire not only through the culture of a ‘must get’ latest fashion but you also unnecessarily live on things that are more than you can afford. Checklist on the criteria if you really need it.

a. Can you live without it?

b. Can it give future earnings?

c. Can your satisfaction worth the financial burden you would have to shoulder. What about when there is a necessity that you really need to spend. for example a sudden emergency? Do you still have enough to keep your self living without a headache of more bills, dues, and fees?

d. Think of the end game. What is more likely to happen to you on your financial stability and your future?

e. Remember, you need to keep for the rainy days. The larger the savings the better equipped you are from the unpredictability of life. You should learn the lesson from this pandemic.

2. Know yourself.

Are you a carefree spender, extravagant, the kind of person living for the moment? Are you a one day millionaire?  

Or are you who has a proactive approach to spending, on decision-making, on counting the cost? 

Are you a planner or a risk-taker or taking action without thinking? 

Re-align your mindset and attitude towards what is the right thing to do, what is common sense, and Think always what would be the impact on your life when you would do what you think initially you would do? Take time to think about it based on the criteria written above. Can you control your emotion or are you the guy who is swayed and controlled by it?

4. Sharpen the tools

Are you the guy who does self-improvement, regularly. Do you invest enough in your time to create a productive result? Do you have what it takes to review what you know and update them if there is something to be updated? There are many ways we can sharpen our tools. These are the skill set and knowledge – they are tools to make our life better than before, not only for you but for your family. Attitudinal skill set. Are you skillful in controlling your compulsion? Your fear? Your emotion, such as anger? And do take away from your life this distractive and destructive habit of laziness and procrastination. Are you in control of your words from telling lies?

5. The plan should be dynamic

A good plan is a plan that is dynamic. It evolves according to the principle of settling for a better way of doing things. It means, in order to have good plans you change or improve it if you must, the plan. This approach to planning achieves a better result for your goals

6. Complete the action

Once you have made and determine your plan, your course of action, and the requirement, go without let up and complete it. A plan that is achieved is a good self-affirmation of our capability to do great things. Do not follow a dreamer. Follow a man who takes action on his dream. Dreaming is free. Taking action is never free. But it is the price tag of success and accomplishing your thoughts into realities.

7. Keep improving.

Do not settle for less. Do not be discouraged by anyone. Do not keep your thoughts on things you are afraid of. Think and do things that will erase your fear. Fear is only a false concept of things that could happen. Most of the fear we keep are lies. They must not stop you from improving yourself. People are capable of reaching their potentials beyond their wildest dreams when they keep improving themselves. Not only about skill and knowledge, but it is also about our character and attitude. If you change our mindset to being proactive and positive your view of the world around you, also changes. It is like skipping to another tv channel, totally different from the previous one. The way to self-improvement is an open mind. Go figure it out later.

8. Control yourself

A man without self-control is like a car without a brake pad. We need to know when we should go or when we should stay. The person with self-control has the biggest edge over the others. Self-control is the reason for success if it is combined with a mind that seeks progress and improvement. A greedy rich man may lose all that he has if his greed goes unchecked. This is the state of everyone who lost their dreams because they do not know how to control themselves. How many lost their houses because they wanted to live in extravagance but they knew it was too risky. Their minds are weakened by their attitude and emotion and mood. “A must-do” and priorities in life are disregarded when these three enemies of mankind come into play. Again they are attitude, mood, or emotion. They are interrelated but they are all different. Without self-control, these are the culprits of your failure. Vices are an example of a powerful cocktail mix of your mood, emotion, and attitude. It has its own hold on your being not anymore you having a hold on your life.


9. Give yourself to others

We need to remember that whatever we have done and achieved should be given away with everyone you hold dear. At least a part of it. That makes your achievement more meaningful and worthwhile. An achievement that is not shared with anyone is just but all in the days work. Blunt, empty, and bare. Joy is greater and more genuine when we generously and cheerfully give it away. Sometimes when you give it away more blessings come to your lap. Singers are giving away their talent to entertain millions of people. Engineers are sometimes giving away their skills and knowledge to help built free housing to the small and poor sectors of society. We do not live life all for ourselves. The joy you gave to others is priceless. Life and value of your existence become purposeful. Legacy of giving is the result of many great men still being remembered and honored until today, till eternity.

10. Be grateful

Whatever you do in giving and in your effort for your self-betterment, we should be grateful to those who were instrumental to your success. Looking back where you came from would show to everyone your humanity and genuineness as a man of integrity and honor. Live a life of purpose not a life of greed. Acknowledge and pay it forward to others as a way of showing your gratitude.

This guidance will create a better world to live in. With this pandemic, it shows that everything we acquired does not have meaning in the time like this. People are dying whoever they are. Money and riches won’t help you sometimes when you are infected with a deadly virus. But things you have done to humanity will make our world a better place to live in. This will impact even your loved ones because whatever you do it will come back to you. Somehow, somewhere, sometimes. Be a change the world needs every one of us.


Author: Florentino Cruz

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