What Does Vitamin C Do to Your Body

Vitamin C is a world of its own in the Community of vitamins. It is the Hercules and the Miss Universe packed together. The beautiful skin and body firm, Vitamin C keeps at bay our skin from sagging, skin diseases, discoloration, dry skin. This powerful vitamin is one of the best support for a healthy body. It is a powerful anti-oxidant against the so-called free radicals sowing havoc to our cells. No wonder with enough intake of food rich in vitamin C you will have a healthy strong body, smooth and flawless skin, radiantly glowing. Vitamin C and other vitamins can be derived in different ways and forms. One of them is through organic fruits and vegetables. Food that is abundant in Vitamin C is found in all kinds of berries, oranges, kiwi fruit, black currant, etc. (see above illustration). In addition, green leafy vegetables of kale, sprout, sweet potato, and spinach are certainly good sources of rich Vitamin C. Vitamin C nowadays are also produced by pharmaceutical companies into serum, cream, powder, sometimes in capsules, pills or in the form of tablets.

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Vitamin C is good for the skin because these are what vitamin C can do:

It helps our skin protected from Sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV creates harmful effects on our skin. Free radicals multiply when we are exposed for a period of time under the sun’s UV. There are many chemical reactions in our body underneath our skin which produce free radicals. They created mutated chemical bonding. Free radicals attached themselves to any parts of our body. Vitamin C prevents these harmful cell mutation. Vitamin C is known for its cancer-preventive component that kills free radicals more efficiently. It is touted as a very potent agent against cancer. However, vitamin C should go hand in hand with sunscreen and other preventive measures in order to get the maximum effect.

It helps enhance the production of collagen. Vitamin C stands out among the most significant nutrients to get in your eating regimen every day. It’s one of those that your body can’t make or store alone however is fundamental for various capacities. One of those is for the generation of collagen, which makes the skin firm, adaptable and solid. The advantages of nutrient C for skin may incorporate insurance against resistant framework insufficiencies, it is one super vitamin that can do some incredible things for everything from skin firming, strengthening of muscles, bones, and cartilage.

By the way, it is good to reiterate that while protecting your skin against sun damage on its own, you will still need to apply sunscreen. UV rays are extremely harmful, and you want to give your body as much protection as possible.

Vitamin C is worth applying with or before the application of your sunscreen. Vitamin C for skin will boost the effectiveness and help it get into the lower layers of your skin. Your cells will be protected from future damage. Vitamin C for skin is a good layer of protection against the UV rays. Vitamin C for skin helps prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV) induced damage.

Many sunscreens will now come with vitamin C added into it. You can make your own, or you can opt for your normal sunscreen. Just apply some homemade moisturizing vitamin C for skin cream before your sunscreen application to help boost the effectiveness

It prevents and removes discoloration, acne and brown spots and other skin marks. Some bad marks on our skin might have come from wounds caused by accidents, others from a small scratch or acne that went awfully wrong due to our unhygienic touch and remedies we once made. VitaminC that produces antioxidants for the skin and extra collagen contributes to the healing of the skin.  When we age some brown spots and skin sagging and damage may appear. These kinds of spots are part of getting old with vitamin C we could prevent them from appearing as yet. We could also do a  topical application of vitamin C.

It makes your skin firmer and more flexible. Vitamin C enhances collagen production. The healthy presence of collagen in our skin is important to maintain being flexible, firm, and strong skin. Healthy skin due to Vitamin C is the antidote against the effect of pregnancy such as stretch marks or body abrupt weight change. Collagen production is present in the layers of the skin. The absence of collagen causes the skin to have damages such as tear and discoloration and scarrings. Collagen which is found in the mid-layer of skin stops these natures onslaught on aging skin. The collagen production helps strengthen the skin’s flexibility and firmness Skin is protected from sudden tear and scarring instead it helps the skin maintain its firmness and softness

Increase of Vitamin C intake, ask your doctor how much so that you will have enough collagen build-up in order to counter sagging of skin, skin discoloration, wrinkling of skin, though we can’t help it for is part of life but we can slow down the physical evidence of aging skin for as long it is possible with nature.  Intake of the exact amount of Vitamin C will produce stronger skin. Vitamin C erases the need for extra products for the same purpose as topical application products, cream, oil, and pills. Natural supply and presence of collagen decrease as with age particularly in our 50’s.

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It reduces irritation and helps heal the infection. There are times which we can’t prevent from happening sometimes we hurt ourselves and cause infection, scratches, scars and some form of skin damages. Worse it gets worse, inflammation sets in and infection sets in as well. This is to be taken cared of seriously. Skin damage can definitely affect the overall confidence and This is also beneficial for those with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Vitamin C for skin can help to fight against the ailments, while moisturizers can help to fight against the dryness. The inflammation disappears, so you don’t feel as much pain or irritation when you have flare-ups. Vitamin C for skin can strengthen and improve the barrier of the skin while simultaneously reducing inflammation. Marks disappear when Vitamin C gives off its power. Provided you are taking it in a good amount and in the proper manner as per the advice of your doctor or health expert.

It brightens the  skin and gives off a glow


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Vitamin C  helps to produce more Glutathione in the cells and other chemical reactions good for the formation of pheomelanin, the one that helps maintain the smoothness and brightens the skin and its color evenly. This vitamin we are talking about is so effective that it could turn your skin to brighten up and glow. As stated, it makes skin glow and brightens because Vitamin C does the work busily fighting the free radicals that cause many skin problems including skin cancer. It destroys the spread of melanin. However, it is advised for those who truly value their skin health not to go out under the sun without sunscreen and other protection.

It helps with the recovery and treatment of skin problems and diseases. It may be too much to reiterate but indeed Vitamin C is very effective in combating skin damage and other problems. It is an agent that speeds up skin healing problems. Vitamin C is a quick and effective healing agent for skin. It is an established fact that vitamin C protects the minute cellular parts of our body from aging, sagging and help the formation and strengthening of the skin nerve and connective tissues. It is important to know that we need Vitamin C to maintain the presence of Collagen by which our young skin and smoothness and firmness are given a chance to stay longer.

In conclusion, we understood that vitamin C should be given a serious study and in my mind should be spread in an information drive to let the whole world know how important is Vitamin  C is to our skin, health, confidence, and total well-being. Because everything is interconnected

Author: Florentino Cruz

15 thoughts on “What Does Vitamin C Do to Your Body

  1. I have learned a lot from this post, I never knew Vitamin C have all this health benefit on the human body. I’m glad to know that Vitamin C is very effective in combating skin damage and other problems. I will now try to take it on a regular base so that I can also have all this benefit.

    This information is really helpful and I share it with my friends so that they can also benefit from the product.

    What I want to know is which natural fruit can I find Vitamin C?. I do like taking fruit.

    I’m glad reading this post and I will come on here on a regular base to learn more on the site.

    1. Wonderful, I am happy you wanted to share it with your friends! I apologize for not answering. I have a long-time challenge I need to face. Now I am fully ok! I do value your kind words and great feedback. God bless!

  2. I took this topic because I am interested in having healthy skin. may daughter has eczema and I thought there must be something we can do about it. As of the moment, I am looking for eczema treatment based on Vitamin C. Anyone knows?

  3. Hi, your review about the important of  vitamin C to our body is very educating, thanks for the time you devoted for this research and for the time you create to write this post, benefit that vitamin c does for our skin based on your point can not be left behind, but my question is how often should someone take vitamin C is it weekly or daily?

  4. Hi 

    I found this article on Vitamin C to be enlightening, as this water soluble vitamin is required by our bodies each and everyday. The health benefits are well known but I never knew half the benefits the vitamin offers to the skin. The only concern that I have, is that if you have a balance diet full of fruit and veg, then you should obtain this vitamin in an abundance.  If you are doing this then you should not need to supplement this vitamin or use any creams with it present.

    Is the cream better absorbed by the skin than by ingesting the vitamin?



    1. Antonio, the cream has a quicker effect on the skin in terms of neutralizing harmful bacteria. It mitigate immediately the onset of excessive itchiness. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Hi Florentino! I’m happy to see mango in your list of fruits with high content of Vitamin C. I really like mango and also appreciate the benefits of Vitamin C.

    I work outdoors most of the time and I’ll advocate anything that keeps our skin protected from Sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) rays. I sure try to be as prepared as possible every time I have to go out in the sun. But additional protection is always good. And as a plus, vitamin C brightens our skin!

  6. I’ve watched a TV program saying how children should have all this Vitamin C for growth. But Vatimon C comes in products we use for our body as well yes.

    I never actually use Vitamin C on my skin, because I have fair skin, so I am afraid to try just anything on my skin.

    The way I am reading what Vitamin can really do for your skin is amazing, and I am considering trying it for marks I have on my face. I had plenty of pimples on my face in the past, so if only I knew about what Vitamin C actually does the times I had those pimples.

    Thank you for such an in-depth post on Vitamin C and all the best to you.

    1. I apologize for the late comment. At any rate, I just want to emphasize to use organic products which is now the growing trend due to its safer ingredient and has natural content without fear of anything foreign or synthetic chemicals that may be added.

  7. I didn’t know that strawberries have higher vitamin C content than oranges, cool! I usually blend and drink them weekly for my morning juice to help detoxify my and body and plus they do give that added rejuvenation effect. Out of curiosity, does vitamin C’s skin healing properties work through the blood clotting?

    1. I myself do not know until I saw it in my research. Thank you for the comment. I apologize deeply from answering too late. I am back, I had been to a huge issue in my life and thankfully all turned out better than I thought.

  8. It is no doubt Vitamin C is helpful in maintaining our looks and strengthening our body against infection. The Father of Vitamin C named Linus Pauling said in an interview that if it weren’t for his taking of Vitamin C, maybe he’s now gone. He was previously diagnosed of Cancer but because of his consistent taking of Vitamin C, his life was prolonged.

    With regard to maintaining the glow of our skin, I’d like to know if which of the two options produce more positive results. Applying Vitamin C products like serum as topical solution over the skin? Or, taking in Vitamin C in tablet or capsule form?

    1. Hi Gomer, first off, I apologize for the incredibly late reply. I had to face a huge personal issue. Thankfully, all is well now and I’m back! O yes, the capsule is very handy and easier. But serum is on the skin itself giving a faster result than the capsule.

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