When The Time Is Ripe

I was in a writer’s block mode, or whatever you call it. Thinking of so many consequences of my present plans and decisions. I have a feeling to revise them as i do not feel I am going anywhere. The point here is i wanted to make money and i was caught in a whirlpool of illusionary success which is actually empty, in vain and a futile exercise. But like am insidious addictive drugs as sees would say it gets you hook so hard you can’t live without it. I remember the old popular song, Hotel California line ; ” You can check out anytime you like but you can’t never leave!” This is what i am in. I have checked out each day but I return and do the same this all over again. Here I got my sense of success but without money in the picture. It is intoxication g to be part of the so called elite group and is always respected, at least, cosmetically as we only say good words without seeing the body language or any clue of the guys I am with. I am not doubting o anything about anyone’s intention or character, but this site is like a cult membership where everyone is very much conscious of the demeanor and netiquettes. This is the wonder of this site, and indeed people are apparently all coming from the background of having the dream to better their lives like me. And I like that very much. First off, I tend to pour out my thought s and it seemed a lot of people would appreciate my work. Well everyone is being appreciated here. So very conducive to practice everything about blogging and engagement.

Next phase must begin. I have a pretty idea and knowledge on how to go about the ways and means of making great content on my posts every day and damn sure i know how to earn money. But my friends, ladies and gentlemen. Honestly, i am very sensitive in guarding my status here as i am one of the top and it fills me with different kind of satisfaction and the most part is i am feeling I am doing something I really like and passionate about that effort seemed not the question. To do the effort it must on creating product reviews or study Bootcamp training for affiliate marketing. This my next phase. I have the feeling i only need to kick start it and am sure i will see the ball rolling like a snow ball effect. I have solicited the help of my child who is willing to help me in the making of money side as she found out herself that what i was doing here is not good for anything in so far as she is concerned minus the knowledge and camaraderie pf the members. The point she wanted me to understand and I knew it but dumb not to take action is to create asap a website for the sole purpose of producing extra income in the end. properly[early connect myself to SEO and all that with the tight plugins and right nice. Nice I already decided with my family. We intend to o this as team work and hopefully I am going to do something great within this month. In fact i must because i have a schedule to catch up and that is the schedule of earning big bucks at last./

I am pretty sure everything will be alright because i am coming to terms a and my daughter once having the time and the right time will be added in my force to do the long overdue plan of extra income. If I keep blubbering here and not earning i am getting frustrated because the meat of the matter is in side our pocket. And honestly. I really wanted to work at home and earn a living at the convenience of my favorite chair and a mug of coffee and the freedom to go anytime i would to do so.

The final thing I wanted to blurt out in this first time, nagging and blurting of what i really feel for white sometime now, In fact, believe it or not since September!! I am in a quagmire of indeciveness and inaction. The inertia is like a magnet that glued me forever. My mind and would is struggling to get off the lurch and start turning on the wheel of fortune and that is blogging on product reviews and joining affiliate marketing referral form favorite site we call family.

Indeed I am not complaint about the website where am in for 8 months approximately now! And i am meaning to really do the two maintain my status or ranking in where i am strapped permanently so it seemed and start my self getting money from what I have learned!

A lot of us are gaining grounds in the earning division and it is kind of really sad i am left with nothing. Since my site comments were mercilessly obliterated and no one seemed to properly helped me. In this kind of endeavor the bottom line is money. Even those who pretend of helping is yes pretending because the pivot is because it gives a great effect of good will and good traffic, good support and therefore good earnings. No complaints. This is the way it goes, And I suppose this is the way to go rather that rip off and ask somebody to join with something too good to be true and only to find out youre all ripped off!!

When the time is ripe I am ready to fly and i smell myself over ripened already and anytime this week am in a take off on a journey of a lifetime. There is also a time to say goodbye from where i am strapped like a mental patient and let myself freed from my own self-delusion and useless endeavors, in so far as earning money is concerned. In fairness, I have everythig i am now because of this wonderful website. And I shall be forever grateful. I and I alone is tone blamed why i am not doing well in the monetary division! Prayers will not help without taking concrete action towards the achievement of my goals. I have written blogs not entering into 170 ads still blubbering the words where I myself should be doing. I realized and I have the feeling most people are the are. They say many good things in writing but in reality they are not ready or no intention of getting off their ears from their comfort level which by the way could the thought mare o instead a place where we though is comfort zone! This is the thing. I wanted to our my heart out in this dilemma and predicament because i am getting uncomfortable in many levels. Mentally because it bug me that i am not making any useful thing for me form future and for my family. Physically, I am taking effort day in and day out try =trying to work hard just to see my ranking still inside the top! And I am happy on that though. Truth be told. That is why it is like addiction! The happiness becomes my burden, mentally. In so far as the future is concerned, i do not intend to waste another day on a useless vicious cycle of having nothing in the end.

Isn’t it great to get money from the bank. But things you wish having for the longest time and be am asset of the family and friends. Because frankly, in my mind, if you do not have money and the word whatever it takes is meaningless when till forever you do not have any significant earning that could change your,if forever. That is the point of the matter.one is not something behave to love but we need to earn and use for our own needs and desire. My basic desire is to comfort. Who don’t need to comfort. Comfort is the simplest way of living here all your needs are being met and provided by sources of income you have made along the way. In this write up,I felt being rehabilitated and refreshed from my stress and helplessness because this writing is a garbage full of anger and unspoken annoyance on what’s going on in my own blog and online business.

Lastly and most importantly, for all the people who wanted to really change their lives. Your focus is not a simple word. Focus means focus, that is earn money, forget or relegate as second or third or whatever number the other priorities. Prioritize on your goals! Period. The more you dilly dally the more you prolong your foolishness just like me on doing thing s that has no impact on my personal life! and so I would be ready mentally to stop craving for something I do not need actually and start liking the ideal and practical at the are time and that is to save myself from poverty. Well Poverty is relative. So don’t think too much that i am not anymore eating or i am under the deluge of mortgage just like most people I know! Thank God I am done!

Author: Florentino Cruz

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