Why do we need other sources of income? And what are they?

The dawn of the menacing viral disease called COVID-19 has disrupted the way of life of most of the people of the world. A man who is doing well from paycheck to paycheck has now survived from month to month from whereby help and support of people we do not even know sometimes.
It became apparent that a day job we have practiced since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution is now apparently becoming an obsolete source of stability and peace of mind.
What shall we be going to do? Wait for the normalcy return. I can assure you that the normal as we thought before will never come don in front of us very soon. Bluntly speaking we need a minimum of 6 months to see the light. It is not comfortable with the hope that may not come. What we hoped for before never materialized. The lockdown is still in place in most countries. Others who dared the rules and the common sense of the time have garnered one of the highest spikes in the infections of Covid-19. Jardheadedness and pride would not solve the problem. It may prolong even more this kind of reality. So that is why here is the main thing…The reason why we need other sources of income:
1. Employment has a cap of earning. It is time-consuming and does not anymore give you security proven by the things going on today.
2. The rise in the cost of living. What we were enjoying before is no longer true today. A few amounts of money could fill u the spaces of our fridge but now a full course cost you 200 dollars and you have not bought all you need as yet. The cost of living is overtaking the value of our salary.
3. Companies are not giving us the security of tenure if ever there I the pension plan and the salary are to low to live the way we desire. And if we do not take action and look for other income sources we will be overtaken by poverty.
4. Emergency happens more frequently. The coming of days seems to be around the corner. Many price hike happens because of drought, natural calamity destroying the crops thus raising the prices of commodities.
5. Greed – it seem s that the suppliers are only thinking of how to profit they can collect without thinking the limit of what right and what is too much. Greedy suppliers do not know that. So it is better to keep looking for extra income.
Many people are drawn towards what is there in the market. People most of us are only thinking of landing a job but now the jobs are gone.
In the meantime the other way to get money is to spend the money we have wisely and it means to really use the money for what is only important. Even though still at present we relatively fine but the future of the world economy and domestic employment are very discouraging. Ni one knows exactly when this pandemic will ever end. So in the meantime, it is wise to think carefully about spending and practice eating less.
This is also the right time to really lose weight and be healthy instead. lessen your food intake for two reasons, to budget the good and to lose extra weight. keep your body healthy and active. Drink a lot of water. Boil it if you do not have money to buy mineral water or bottled water. There many ways to remedy the challenges we are facing today. Gone are the days we practice the attitude of extravagance
One more way to keep your money intact is to eliminate all that is called vice. They are gambling, drinking alcohol, and wasting money on ladies. This alone will help you save a good amount of wads of cash.
Another way is to keep good exercise and keep yourself healthy. Avoid smoking, sleeping late, and stressing yourself to the game of thrones and other video games. This keeps you from spending more for nothing cigarettes can keep a lot of money wasted for burning it through the smoke. And the worst thing about wasting money is you are also destroying your body. Softdrinks are not good for health as well.
Put your time in reading a worthwhile book and exercise constraint on things you sometimes crave for. The level of the challenges we face to them must be met with the same level of solutions we could apply as much as possible in order not only to survive but to live a happy and healthy life.
Also, we need to accept the reality. Acceptance leaves your mental burden and distress to nil. Look at the whole picture with what will be the result of all this in the future. We should retain the good habits we have practiced on this trying time.
We must have another source of income. In fact, we need to get more sources of income. And learn to practice wise spending. not saving. The wiser you spend your money the more you will save each month. However, in today’s situation let us forget about getting into savings. Let’s focus on wise spending the money you still have this time.
We know that getting another source of income can not be done in today’s Enhanced Community Quarantine, ECQ So we should be wise how to earn a living. Here are some suggestions to get earning from other source s of income.
First of all to be frank with you to start getting extra income from online business. You need to have a website where you will have to put all your online sources of income. This is called your virtual shop, or office. This is the beginning of all your business transactions will take place. Your work and all your sources of online income will be headquartered on your website. You can have one website with different categories. One tip. Focus on one goal and create your authority and connectivity. But in reality, it is better to expand your sources of income. They are:
1. Blogging – blogging is a great way to put your thoughts and create massive followers into a niche that is your passion and interest. Mine is a self-development on financial literacy. It is a very good niche for those who wanted to escape the never-ending want and lack the necessities at home. Blogging earns by putting links related niche that sells their products from which you derive your commission for every sale that happened through your link! Here you need to register on the site where they sell e-products.
2. Online Selling – You can also sell your own work like an e-book, work of art like words and music, etc, Online selling, you should take into consideration the cost of the shipment and other expenses so that you could clearly create the price list.
3. Teaching online- the most popular one is learning English as a second language. There are hundreds of millions who are in need of developing their English skills which are writing, listening, reading, and speaking. East Asia, the Middle East are the most popular places where many students are looking for personalized ESL learning. This is a lucrative source if you know what you are doing. Now it is easy to have a zoom conference meeting where you can teach as many as possible.
4. Licensed content – This is where you help companies to use your work but you retain the ownership, they pay you for this. You need to find a platform that would be a good environment for a working relationship where the agreement is a win-win arrangement, both of you have a fair share of earnings.
5. Affiliate links – Affiliate links could be done and insert it in your blogs or through landing page and ads. Affiliate links could garner a great commission such as the Wealthy Affiliate .com. You should register yourself as an affiliate marketer. Anyone who registered and join WA. You could have a very good commission. Especially if the membership of your referral is an annual membership. I think I am not sure, You will earn at least 150 dollars or more!
6. Consulting – These need a gift of glib and foresight on what is up or down in the business world. You need to have a keen knowledge to produce a consultation product that is worth their payment. The better you become in consulting. Many companies ill be contacting you and would ask for your consultations. This is great for those who are analytical and forthright. Giving words of advice in this type of business should be clear and direct to the point. Creative suggestion and innovative approach to the challenges and if you be able to provide the solutions or directions to take which are plausible and reasonable you will get a handsome fee.
7. Training- If you have experience in creating or modifying training programs for companies that require refreshers courses for their staff such as soft skills related jobs in customer service, selling, car repair, supervision, salesmanship, dealing. This earns a pretty good amount of money.
8. Webinars – Webinars have become a popular place for seminars. People nowadays have got their seminars through webinars. Content and relevance of the subject are important or else =you will not attract attendance… Attendees could first e willing to pay what you are going to say. If you are well-known speaker you could leverage your resume online and do some promo marketing plan on this type of business.
9. Content making – This is in blogging original content is the name of the game here in online business in terms of writing posts or articles. As you should research, the originality should be the first rule of thumb. Thee is no way you can take the works of others and change some of the words and take it as your won. Writing is sweet if you have the gift of writing. Not everyone can write lucidly on and on and still create a valuable piece of work.
10. Influencer – They are those with niche followers and have established credibility, reliability, transparency, and believability. Influence can encourage his large number of followers to buy a product company that wanted to be advertised through you in return for a fee. This could vary from influencer to influencer and hat kind of followers the influencer has
11. Translations – If you have talent and skills in languages, translations can be for you. If you are bilingual there is always a person who needs to have things translated especially from their own language to the English language. Although this may not give you much once you have put out on the online world what services you can do. there will always a possibility of clients approaching you.
12. Data entry job – this is like a traditional job but the good news is you can command how many hours you are willing to work and what time to hat time. For as long as you deliver your work according to stipulations you get the pay.

In the end, imagination is better than knowledge, besides online, we can also join legit Multilevel Marketing. This could also be a good source of income. Choose an outfit that has a great marketing plan and wonderful quality products plus the reputation of the company. In this way, you will be in the advantage of choosing one with a great palatable commission system but know for its corruption and issues.
Another source of income is selling traditional food for snacks or even small scale catering for workers. With ECQ around you can apply for a permit so as to supply the food services to the particular organizations.
Teaching and coaching at home through video call is one of the best sources of income during this pandemic.
we still have to find other sources of income. we need to expand the ways to earn money especially this time of COVID.

Author: Florentino Cruz

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